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Hey everyone. It’s reveal time and this next one is coming in hot. For my 3rd consecutive X-custom, here is Pyro!

pyro 05.jpg

I was excited to update the Pyro in my collection because he was the last figure in my Brotherhood of Evil Mutants team that had the Toy Biz style, ball jointed thighs that I hate oh so much. Getting rid of those eyesores made me oh so very happy. I also have a soft spot for C-list villains/goons, so Pyro was a must.

pyro 15.jpg

Pyro was made using a Spider Man base figure with the old Toybiz Pyro shoulder armor, tubes, head and boot cuffs. Pretty simple recipe actually.

pyro 12.jpg

Using Apoxie Sculpt, I sculpted the wrist straps and glove cuffs. I also used it to blend the boot tops from the old Pyro figure into the new ones that I sculpted. Then I did my usual peg hole filling as well. 

pyro 07.jpg

As for the paint, I decided to continue my trend of utilizing the airbrush for as much of the painting as I can. I actually painted very little on this piece using a brush. Only the hair, eyes, mouth and details on the back of the backpack were done using a brush. I still feel I am under utilizing my airbrush in regards to shading and adding more depth to my paint job, but I hope that will come with some practice and experience. 

Overall, I’m beyond stoked with Pyro. His paint job is vidid and I think my line work is pretty clean. I also love the metallic eyes I gave him using Chrome as a base coat and a few coats of clear red on top (I have since used that technique again on my 90’s Iron Man I’m currently working on - works like a charm!). Im so glad to finally remove the last of my Toybiz Marvel Legends from my Brotherhood of Evil Mutants and rid them of wonky ball jointed thighs at last! 

pyro 02.jpg

Thanks for checking out my latest reveal. Up next… you guessed it, another X-Men reveal. Stay tuned!

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