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Polaris (90's X-Factor)

Polaris (90's X-Factor)

Hey everyone. Sorry for the delay between “official reveals”, but I’ve been swamped with real life (ugh). But here I am with the next one on the list and I am pretty excited about this one. You see, this reveal completes the core members of my custom 90’s X-Factor team. Pretty jazzed to reveal, the mistress of magnetism, Polaris! 

If you’ve been following along, I started my custom X-Factor with Strong Guy and Havok in the Summer of 2018 before having to take a break to work on secret santa figure and secret figure swap with a buddy. Thankfully, that figure swap got me an insanely dope Wolfsbane custom (featured in pics below, made by said buddy, PymParticles - check his IG) leaving only Polaris to complete the main team (I also have a custom Quicksilver but he currently resides with my Brotherhood of Evil Mutants). 

Lorna here was made using a Dark Pheonix body with Rogue upper arms and Kitty Pryde hands. The head is from the same Dark Pheonix used for the base figure and her hair is from the Toybiz Phoenix Marvel Legend. I really love the Dark Pheonix body. In my opinion, its the best female buck available, and its a bummer it almost never gets used. I don’t even think it has been used for anything other than Dark Phoenix. 

polaris (90's X-Factor) 11.jpg

I did a decent amount of sculpting on Polaris including 3 layers on each of the belt/straps. I also sculpted the open jacket on the front of the torso, the shoulder pads and zipper. I used Apoxie Sculpt to fill in the peg holes and the indent on the head from the original hair. 

polaris (90's X-Factor) 18.jpg

For the paint job, I continued trying to improve my shading game, starting with a dark blue layer, a couple lighter blue shades and a few specific spots with a sky blue. I am pretty happy with how it turned out, but I do feel theres still some room for improvement on it. I feel the shading is still not noticeable enough. I have to lighten my 2nd and 3rd layers a bit more I think. Maybe next time! 

polaris (90's X-Factor) 05.jpg

So now you are probably asking, “where’s the team shot?!” Well… it’s coming. I havent had time to remove the existing members of the group from my extremely packed figure case (where they are currently right at the back.) But it’s coming sooner than later! Probably when I finish Random. So for now, enjoy these pics of Polaris with Wolfsbane (who also is waiting to get into the case). Thank you for stopping by and checking out my latest reveal. Up next, is 3 times really a charm? I think so! My 3rd attempt at Jim Lee Cyclops is on deck and I think its a doozy! Come on back in a few weeks to check it out!

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