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    Hey everyone. Back again with another reveal. This time, a figure I made for a fellow customizer. This summer I decided to do some figure swaps with a few of my fav customizer friends. You may recall the Gorgon I made for Omarali (who was the first of the one on one swaps I participated in). This guy here was made for my homie across the pond, TxT Customs, here is the X-Men’s favourite punching bag, Toad! 

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This recipe for Toad was something I intended on doing for myself a while back. The idea was scrapped when I received a Toad from last years Secret Santa Figure Swap over at the Fwoosh Forums. But when I saw him on TXT’s list, I couldn’t turn him away. The recipe I had in mind was way too fun. 

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Toad was made using a Wolverine body, Spider Man UK lower legs, Hobgoblin feet, Blizzard arms, Spider Man hands and a heavily modified Grim Reaper head. The frills around his hands, boots and neck al come from the original Toad ML from series 1. 

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Most of the sculpting on this figure was to fatten up the Wolverine buck and add clothing wrinkles to the legs and arms. The head was the most labor intensive part of the entire figure. I had to sand down the mask on the base figure, as well as completely reshape the head (make it more round-like in shape). I reshaped the jaw line, added more of a grin to the smile and sculpted the hair, strand by strand. It took a lot of time but it turned out exactly how I hoped it would. 

I am really happy with how he turned out in the end, and am hopeful that TXT enjoys him as much as I did. He was a hard one to let go of. Looking forward to doing another swap with him and New Collector (who’s figure will be revealed next) in 2018. Hoping to make it an annual thing. Not only did I get 2 dope customs from 2 customizers I have so much respect for but i also made 2 new friends through the process. Not a day goes by that I don’t talk to those 2 guys. It’s been tons of fun. 

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As always, thanks for checking out my work. 

More to come!

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