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Leapfrog (2017 Fwoosh Summer Swap)

Leapfrog (2017 Fwoosh Summer Swap)

leapfrog 01.JPG

Hey everyone, back again with another reveal. This next one was technically finished before Gorgon but due to the nature of the Summer Swap rules, I couldn't reveal him until he was received by my recipient. Anyways, this years Summer Swap entry was Leapfrog. 

leapfrog 02.JPG

I quite enjoyed the list I received for the swap this year. My recipient was Discogod and he had quite a few characters I was interested in doing. Leapfrog was almost Armored Outback Psylocke, Diamondback or Guardian. But my first couple runs through the list, Leapfrog jumped out to me (no pun intended), so I opted to go with him. I have to state for the record that I have no history with Leapfrog. In fact, until this list I had no idea he existed. 

Leapfrog was made using Wolverine body and upper legs, Havok lower legs and feet, Toybiz Dr Octopus arms, gloves and boots, Spider Man hands and alt hands and a Cottonmouth Head. This Wolverine buck is really awesome. It gave me the smaller stature I was looking and it was relatively easy to work with in regards to eliminating paint rub. 

leapfrog 15.JPG

I did lots of sculpting on this (check the WIP pic below and more on my site). I modified the boot to give it hasbro style ankle rockers and implanted some magnets into the bottom of his feet to allow the springs on his feet to be easily removable. I also modified the gloves to accomodate hasbro style hands as well. 

leapfrog 07.JPG

All in all, I'm really happy with my Leapfrog figure. He was lots of fun to make. I hope Discogod finds a good home for him getting his ass whooped by Daredevil and the likes forever more. lol. 

If you havent checked out the Summer Swap thread over at the Fwoosh Forums for this years event you're missing out. 

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