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Black Widow (Civil War MCU)

Black Widow (Civil War MCU)

Hey everyone. Back with another MCU custom. She is the final piece for my Civil War display, and was a super simple custom. Here’s ScarJo… Black Widow in her Civil War costume. 

black widow cw 02.jpg

There’s not a lot to say about this figure. I didn’t have to do a ton. Which is the sole reason I decided to make it. I figured it would add a lot to my Civil War display as all the rest of the figures in it are movie accurate. I had all the parts in my fodder box so I figured why not! 

black widow cw 06.jpg

Ms Romanov was made using a Winter Soldier Black Widow figure as the base, hands from a Rey Star Wars Black figure, and a hair piece from Casting Cave. I got it a long time ago and I’m not sure where it originates from. I vaguely recall someone mentioning it being from a black canary DC figure but I have never looked into it enough to know for sure. If anyone knows, please let me know in the replies. 

black widow cw 03.jpg

In regards to sculpt, I did do a little bit on her. I added some sculpt to her upper arms and on her wrist stinger band things. I also made the billy clubs using Apoxie Sculpt and toothpicks. Otherwise she was all paint and a new hairpiece. 

black widow cw 07.jpg

Painting this one was actually pretty fun considering she is just wearing black. I used my airbrush and sprayed the entire thing black. I then did a light dry brush of a greenish black over the entire body except the boots, then did a few of the accents on the torso and arms with a charcoal grey dry brush. I did the boots, stinger wrist bands, billy clubs and accents on the body with a glossy black. Then did a bunch of little details with silver, gold, blue and red paint. 

black widow cw 13.jpg

Overall, I’m pretty happy with the end result. I think the hairpiece works well for Scarlett Johansson’s portrayal of Black Widow as she appeared in the movie and she looks great amongst her teammates in my Civil War Display. 

Thanks for checking out my latest figure. Please let me know if you have any questions or comments. 

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